Film Synopsis

A very dominant street culture called gang banging has grown world wide this international phenomenon has claimed many lives of African Americans over colors. the drugs territory and money make up the economics of business. This has been the focal point since the great migration into Los Angeles. White people dominated south Los Angeles and as blacks moved into LA area from the south looking for work and to make a living integrating predominately black communities by whites the racial tension was heavy and blacks banded together and bonded a brotherhood to protect each other from the whites who felt there once safe haven was being in-fluxed with colored people.

This hatred has taken thousands of lives and been going on since the 1970’s and have taken many many lives and created a division that has been going on for 40 years with small glimpse of hope during a few tragic moments these two clashing gang cultures who have destructively caused more damage on each other then the whites inflicted on them have found some ways to reduce the violence and organize peace treaties amongst the clashing cultures like they did during watts riots the Rodney king riots and now with the heighten of the hip hip cultures rise in the west coast you had an attempt of a musical treaty to allow the gang members to take out previous and continual hatred for one another on a very strategic method called music on a CD called “Bangin on Wax” where each side was recording their hatred and frustration on wax!!

These young men who were already given many examples of attempts to successfully stop violence and create jobs and businesses followed the same footsteps to create unity as there predecessors before them during watts riots as the black panthers and the US organizations, the Crips and Bloods, the Rodney king riots and Peace treaty in 1992, the death row era with Suge Knight and Snoop Dogg all ending in revising the tension and creating more violence that has giving the young people the vision it can happen but it’s gonna take more then this is about its historical musical paths that were created on central street and united on the “we all in the same gang” they know about the thousands of lives lost to senseless street violence the many lives wasted in billion dollar prison system that they could create their own form of “Bidness of Unity” on the Streets and Entertainment scene.

Glasses Malone, Jay Rock, Nipsey Hussle, YG, Joe Moses, Bad Lucc, The game, Compton Menace, Big Wy,K Boy, Guerilla Black, Bad azz, Oyg Redrum, Snoopy Blue and many more have decided they can make music together create jobs and opportunities for there crews family’s and friends with this positivity putting there gang ties aside promoting living and getting money as there focus the mantra “red and blue makes green” was created to civilized the once historical feuds these young men try to put the longtime beef away to unite uplift and restore the once unification the gangs had during the peace treaties and the political activism the black panthers created that crumbled due to outside influences. These young men have emerged and matured out if there gang activities to traveling the worlds for tours making money becoming recognized as hip hop prominent figures.